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Bicycle Repair

We are a full service bike shop! We work on all bicycles and bicycle brands.

All repairs can be brought through the front door! Repairs are first-come, firstserved. Drop off your bike and it will get in line with the other repairs—no appointments. We try to finish repairs within 2 business days, provided no orders are necessary.

Flat tire repairs are done on the spot! 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Service and Repairs Price List

Special project? We’re happy to help with your bike renovation, strip your bike so
you can have it painted at name of business, or weird projects like motorcycle
wheels or walkers. We just might require extra time for the fiddly bits.

Bicycle Rentals

Helmets Required!

Standard Rental: Trek 700 hybrid

  • $10/hour/bike
  • $25/day/bike

Tandem Rental: Schwinn Twin vintage tandem

  • $15/hour/bike
  • $35/day/bike

Reid Hercules Fat Bike

  • $15/hour/bike
  • $35/day/bike