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about us

KarlKarl Faber

31 years in bike trade
Transportation cyclist




Alex Faber

Vice President/Owner/Manager
11 years in bike trade
Ashland born and raised, Alex has been in the shop since she was a baby and never left! Fitness, transportation, and now mountain biker.



SpeedyEric (Speedy) Houle

Mechanic/Sales Associate
3 years in bike trade
Forest road wanderer. You can find Eric most days at Ashwabay or on the forest roads of the Chequamegon National Forest.







NickNicholas Pechacek

Mechanic/Sales Associate
21 years in bike trade
Committed road self sustained tourer and trials cyclist with a touch of flatland bmx. Winner of the Indiana Little 500 in 2000.



EricEric Faber

IT Support
10 years in bike trade
Transportation and mountain cyclist