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Check out our regularly in-stock models of bicycle below.

Comfort & Recreation

Trek Verve 2 – $569

Mainline – black or viper red

Women’s Specific Design – black

Verve 2 is a great hybrid bike that balances comfort, speed, and power. Looking for a comfortable ride for around town, up and down hills, or push for a little bit of exercise? This might be your next bike.

Electra Townie Original 7D – $539

Townie Original 7D

Many colors available!

Why we love it? Comfort and options! The Townie offers endless options in speeds, colors, and accessories, all rolled up in the most comfortable bike ride you’ve ever had.  The Townie’s patented Flat Foot Technology® frame design gives you a great, laid back cruise and confidence touching the ground from your seat. It’s a bit like lounging in an armchair on wheels.

Electra Cruiser Lux Fat Tire 7D – $649

Fat bike style on beach cruiser comfort. Say no more.

Commuter & Fitness

Trek FX 2 – $549

Mainline- black

Women’s Specific Design – charcoal

FX 2 is the around-town, commuter, fitness, flat-bar road bike you’ve been looking for. With speed and comfort in mind, it’s our favorite option for your all-around, multi-purpose city bike.

Trek Dual Sport 2 – $669

Mainline – viper red

Women’s Specific Design – miami green

The Dual Sport is the SUV of bicycles. On road, off road, the Dual Sport does it all. For country and dirt road living, it’s a particular favorite. If you want a bike that can handle a little bit of everything you put it through, the Dual Sport is the bike for you.



Trek Marlin 5 – $539

Mainline- matte royal/matte black/volt green

Women’s Specific Design- not in stock

Marlin 5 is the entry level mountain bike of choice. Love that mountain bike style for your everyday town adventures? New to the trail and on a budget? The Marlin 5 is the rugged, trail-ready commuter that so many cyclists have come to love.

Trek Marlin 6  – $639

Mainline- not in stock

Women’s Specific Design- matte slate

Marlin 6 is a quality introductory mountain bike to test the waters into off-road riding, but with a few key upgrades (fork, derailleurs, and chain) from the Marlin 5. You will notice the difference shifting this beauty on the trails.

Trek Marlin 7 – $789

out of stock

Marlin 7 is your next step up in mountain bike. With upgraded fork and derailleurs (among other things) from the Marlin 5 and 6, the Marlin 7 is the bike for an excursion into mountain biking fun.


Trek Roscoe 7 – $1,199

Mainline – matte black/volt green

Women’s Specific Design – Miami Green


Why? It’s an awesome mountain bike for all level riders. Uncertain about that trail? These plus sized tires add so much stability while biking. Are you already a gnarly rider and love hitting jumps and obstacles? Bigger tire means more rollover power so you can keep rolling. With amazing tech for a reasonable price, this is one of our shop’s all around favorites.

Trek Roscoe 8 – $1,539

Mainline – matte slate

Women’s Specific Design – not in stock


Everything we love about the Roscoe 7, but with awesome upgrades. Like SRAM NX Eagle.




Trek Checkpoint AL 3 – $1,199

olive grey

This bike is an awesome, versatile mix of road and gravel. If you’re road biking, bikepacking, or gravel riding, this bike is a great entry level price (with a beautiful color, too).

Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 – $1,889


Massive tire clearance allows up to 45c tires for those rougher road rides, gravel, bikepacking, and expedition. If you’re voyaging into gravel riding, the Checkpoint will give you great Schwalbe gravel tires and wide clearance to upgrade. This is an excellent starting point for gravel.



Surly Wednesday – $1,550 – not in stock

trevor’s closet black

Surly has a special place in the Chequamegon area fat bike scene. Rugged. Steel. Trail ready.

As Surly’s entry level fat bike, the Wednesday is one of our shop favorites.

Trek Farley 5 – $1,889 – not in stock

matte black

Lightweight, fast, and the biggest fat wheels on the market, Trek’s Farley introduces a gorgeous and race-worthy fat bike to the world. And as lightweight as it is, the Farley makes an excellent bike year-round. Roll over sand, snow, roots, and rocks with ease in every terrain you face. And did we mention, the biggest, fattest wheels?

Reid Hercules – $850.00


From the brand Reid out of Australia comes a great value, entry-level fat bike called the Hercules. It has a strong hydrofromed aluminum frame that will hold up to whatever terrain you decide to ride these fat tires over.




Trek Precaliber – $249 to $399

Boy’s and Girl’s

Precaliber 16, Precaliber 20 SS, Precaliber 24 7-Speed

The Precaliber is a stable, durable, and fun children’s bike series from Trek. From ages 3 to 10-ish, check out the series of bikes available in store.

Strider Sport 12 Balance Bike – $119.99

We believe in balance bikes!

Strider is the best way to get your kid riding a bike, learning balance, and skipping training wheels altogether! With a balance bike, your toddler scoots herself along, learning balance until she’s flying on just two wheels. You’ll be amazed how quickly your child picks up on it… and how soon before you can’t keep up. The balance bike is a great way to outfit your kid with a bike from the minute they start walking until they’re into a 20″ bike, no training wheels needed! Try your toddler on a Strider today!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out Trek’s full catalog of bicycles available here:

Please keep us in mind before you order online. If you see something you like on Trek’s website, just stop in or call us up. We can order it in for you with an average of two day shipping, and no shipping costs to you! Plus, order a bike directly from us, and you get added perks, such as a FREE 30-day tune-up, FREE water bottle and water bottle cage. Plus hands on, personalized service to get you the bike you’ll love forever.

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