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COVID-19 UPDATE – Updated July 2020


by appointment

We continue to operate by appointment!

We continue to operate by appointment for all shopping, repair pickups, repair drop-offs, etc. We are trying to limit how many people come in and out of our doors as well as be ready for contact tracing if necessary, so please call ahead and don’t forget your mask!

We remain approximately 2 weeks out on repairs at a given time, so please set up your repair to get scheduled out and drop off your repair close to the schedule date.

It is still very hard for us to get product!! Most of our bicycles will be arriving in October. If we backorder now, many models arrive in January or February. Tires, bike racks, and cassettes/freewheels are very difficult to get (we are okay on 29er tires at the moment).

This is a weird summer. Supply is low, demand is high, and we continue to operate to keep people spread out and safe. Thank you for all your patience through this year!

Check out our Casual Group Ride – Socially Distanced Edition for some inspiration to get out and move this spring.

We’ll get through this, everybody. Keep calm. Keep riding.