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COVID-19 UPDATE – Effective as of May 2022

Masks Encouraged, Not Required

We encourage you to help protect those of us who are high risk. We will continue to encourage masks and may switch to requirement if our counties return to high levels of transmission.

About the Bike Boom and Bike Shortage

Bikes are in stock but some models and special orders will continue to be hard to come by.

The pandemic brought a huge surge in bicycle riding starting in 2020. We call this the bike boom. The pandemic also brought a lot of supply chain issues. The bike industry has been hit hard with a huge surge in demand and a significant setback in supply lines and production. We can get you a pre-order to make sure your bike is locked in for you, but production dates and estimated times of arrival fluctuate wildly and will continue to be difficult into 2022 and 2023.

We’ll get through this, everybody. Keep calm. Keep riding.